Songwriting Instruction and Mentoring with Jay Semko 


 Want to dive deep into Jay's songwriting/music world to find out what really goes on when he sits down with his J45 and a notepad? Jay works with new and developing writers, both in workshops and in one-on-one mentoring/writing situations. Jay co-writes with and mentors songwriters of all ages, both aspiring and experienced, via Zoom, Skype, and when possible, in person.


 Jay is pleased to be offering one-on-one songwriting instruction on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule via Zoom or Skype. Instruction sessions are 45 minutes in duration. You will learn how to co-write with other songwriters, how to write songs on your own, and how to expand your creativity in all areas of your life. You will become a songwriter, in whatever genre you prefer to explore, and most importantly, you will have fun!!!!!


 In Jay's words:  "There are so many ways to get inspired to create - I believe that everyone has the ability to find their own creative self, and to use the creativity discovered through music, writing and the arts in all facets of our lives. Tapping into the subconscious mind, where many of the most interesting ideas are waiting to be found, can be done by anyone, using some of the things I have learned through my experiences in songwriting." 


 If you are an aspiring or experienced songwriter, or someone who wants to develop their creative mind and expand the boundaries of their personal creativity, this is for you. EVERYONE is a creative person - we ALL have HUGELY UNTAPPED WELLS OF IMAGINATION INSIDE EACH OF US - you will learn how to access and utilize this in every aspect of your life. Jay will tailor his instruction for you personally, whether you want to be a better songwriter, artist, or to improve your creativity in anything you do.


 For more information about Songwriting Instruction & Mentoring with Jay, contact him at