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A Song For You

As one of Canada's premiere songwriters, Jay is pleased to personally offer his talent to you in a number of ways.....
1) Do you or someone you love have a Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, or other special occasion where you would like to have a unique song written, recorded and performed?
Jay will write a song specifically for you after consulting with you, and record a version of the song in whatever format you wish, in audio or video format. Jay will write a song specifically for you or whomever you wish, and record it as an acoustic guitar and voice version, or with other instrumentation, according to your tastes and budget - also a fantastic and unique gift idea!!!!!!
2) Jay will also record a personalized, one-of-a-kind acoustic guitar & voice version of any of the many songs he has already written and recorded - for example, Jay recently recorded a video version of "Strawberry Girl" for an anniversary gift, and an audio version of "Girl with a Problem" as a Valentine's Day gift.
3) Jay's songwriting talents are also available for advertising, both commercial and industrial, and if you need music custom-tailored for your business or other similar venture, Jay can provide whatever you need.
Interested in 1) or 3) please contact Colli K Christante at or call 306-716-9218.
Interested in 2) please contact with the information you wish to provide for the recording. For an MP3 audio version of a song, the fee is 200.00 Cdn, and for a video version of the song, the fee is 250.00 Cdn. Payments can be made through e-transfer, registered cheque, money order or we can invoice you through PayPal.