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Jay Semko

by Jay Semko

Released 2010
Inner Expression Records
Released 2010
Inner Expression Records
Country roots-rock at it's finest.....gorgeous twang with love, heartbreak and more - "Before You Leave Canada" is truly a Canadian classic, and "Drop You in The Water" was nominated as Best Gospel Song in the international Independent Music Awards....
Jay Semko is known across Canada as singer and bassist with Western Canadian Music Hall of Fame members the Northern Pikes, internationally as an award winning music composer for numerous film and TV productions, including Canada's most successful internationally syndicated series, "Due South", and as one of Canada’s premiere singer/songwriters. "Jay Semko" is Jay's fourth solo album of original songs, released in 2010. It was produced by renowned Vancouver producer Jay Buettner, and features a who's who of Canadian session musicians and vocalists, including Patricia Conroy and Matt Andersen. The songs run the gamut of love, heartbreak, awakening and spirituality, featuring twangy guitars, fiddles, mandolins and pedal steel, with a full yet completely organic vibe......a truly great album from a Canadian songwriting legend.

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